Think Thrifty

THINK THRIFTY is a philosophy of life based on our principles of excellence, professionalism and leadership both inside and outside our working environments. Our key pillars are our own THRIFTY values of honesty, responsibility, commitment, passion and loyalty towards the THRIFTY COSTA RICA family.

THINK THRIFTY invites us to deconstruct our own processes and practices to reflect on our actions and reformulate our purposes under a new way of thinking. It encourages us to redesign our mental structures towards a change that seeks a common good and pushes our limits to achieve new goals and projects.THINK THRIFTY is hands-on teamwork, active participation and personal commitment as members of the THRIFTY family in order to achieve success and have a better future for all.

Sustainable tourism commitment
THRIFTY is committed to the principles of tourism sustainability and development as we are convinced of our responsibility with society and future generations.

To maintain this pledge, we have formulated and integrated a sustainability policy that involves and engages actions in the social, financial and environmental scopes, as they are main lines of our business management model. The enforcement of this policy allows us to prioritize the use of biodegradable materials, give a proper treatment to wastewater, have an offsetting carbon emissions program, maintain save energy and water programs, develop workplace health strategies, promote the performance and growth of our human capital, safeguard our customers’ safety, ensure the quality of our services as well as develop actions of social business responsibility in the communities where are offices are located.

Environmental responsibility
Thrifty is an environmental responsible company that considers all ecological impacts that our organization, its production and operation generate. All our scopes are aimed to enhance environmental practices with a cleaner production, taking sustainability as an essential element for the improvement of our activities.

El servicio de traslado está a su disposición las 24 horas del día los 365 días del año, solo tiene que coordinar de la manera especificada con la correspondiente sucursal.
Carbon Neutral
Since 2009, Thrifty Costa Rica has been a member of the “Friends of the Earth and its People” program. Thrifty was the first rent a car to implement an offsetting carbon emissions program, and we became Carbon Positive (CO2+) under agreement with CRUSA Foundation and FUNDECOR. Thrifty Costa Rica, in all its 9 branches, is a certified company by the norm INTE-ISO 14064-1 under INTECO, following the verification and monitoring of the greenhouse gas emissions report and compensation of our carbon footprint, succeeding in reducing a 15% of our CO2 emissions in the first year.