Coverages applies under the rental agreement terms:

Basic Coverage (CDW)

  • Mandatory coverage. Applies for collision and damage. The renter and any additional drivers are fully liable for any loss or damage to the rental vehicle, even when the loss or damage is caused by a third party or in the event the cause is unknown, whether because of theft, collision, vandalism or any other cause. The financial responsibility for the Collision Damage Waiver is the maximum deductible (excess) amount according to the rental car category. In case of damages to a third party vehicle, there is a minimum deductible of US$300 up to a maximum deductible of US$1500 according to the estimate of the damages caused to the third party vehicle. There is a 100% coverage for damages to third party properties or physical injuries and there is no excess amount applied under these circumstances. The coverage’s daily cost varies depending on car category.
Zero Deductible package (AER)
  • Reduces financial liability to zero, in case of accident or damage and protects you 100% in damages to third parties. It does not cover partial or total theft, rims, rings, glass and windshield, external and internal accessories (radio, mirrors, carpets, knobs, hubs, emblems, tools, keys, towing and rescue, etc.). This coverage is acquired as a complement to the CDW. It's valid just for residents and locals.
Total Protection package (TPP)
  • It covers 100% the rental car and damages to third parties in case of collision, damage, loss or total theft. This coverage protects you in 100% total theft, partial theft, damaged tires (change of the tire is not included), rims, windshields and windows, towing and rescue. It means that financial liability in case of accident, theft, vandalism, is reduced to zero. The client must comply with all procedures and guidelines in the rental agreement.
  • This coverage does not apply to residents and locals.


    All coverages apply whenever the car is used under the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

    Coverages purchased on third party websites or sources are not accepted by AmiGO Rent a Car Costa Rica.
Excluded risks in any coverage

Risks excluded under any coverage option.

1 - Damages caused from the poor condition of the public or private roads, or damages resulting from obstacles (whatever they are) that cause damages in the undercarriage of the vehicle, or damages caused from the negligent use of the vehicle.

2 - Damages caused to the vehicle resulting from the interaction with rivers, beaches, estuaries, etc.

3 - Damages caused to the inside of the vehicle, including upholstery of the car, loss of car’s keys or documents, license plates, emergency kits. Charges apply according to damages or loss and appraisal.

4 - Smoking is not allowed inside the car, according to Legislative Decree No. 9028.


6 - A $50 penalty applies in case an unauthorized driver returns the car to Thrifty.

7 - Fee of up to $250 applies in case of severe maintenance and cleaning process needed.

8 - A $20 per hour or Drop Off charge applies in case of delay of picking up or return the car by the customer's own responsibility if we have to reschedule the delivery or collect the car for a later date or hour.

Guarantee Deposit

We do not accept cash as guarantee deposit.

A guarantee deposit will be required at the time of rental; the amount depends on the car category and the coverage option taken. This amount is additional to the rental cost. The release of this deposit is subject to credit card bank’s policies and turn around time. This deposit is processed as a hold in the client’s credit card, not a direct charge or purchase; therefore, once it has been released it will not be reflected in credit card as a reverse charge but instead show the amount credited back to the card’s credit amount limit.
Additional driver

Additional drivers extra cost $5.00 per day.

All additional authorized drivers are required to qualify to drive the vehicle. To qualify, AmiGO requires all additional drivers, including spouses, to meet our minimum age requirements and have a valid drivers license. Extra driver US $5,00 per day. A total of 3 additional drivers may be allowed per contract.


Renter must be between 24-75 years old for most vehicles.

Renter must be between 24-75 years old. Renter must hold a driver’s license for a minimum of 1 year before attempting to rent with AmiGO Rent a Car Costa Rica. Renters under age 24 (between 21 and 24) are subject to an additional fee of $20.00 per day and must meet the licensing requirements. They can only drive car categories lower than the Toyota Rav4 inclusive. Total Coverage (PPT) does not apply to drivers with this age range.


GPS, child seats, coolers, mobiles, Wifi.

AmiGO offers a variety of additional products to make your rental a great experience. We offer GPS, WIFI, coolers, racks, mobiles, child seats. This equipment is available for an additional daily cost when making your reservation or you can add them when you pick up the car at the counter. Subject to availability.

Free mileage

Limited mileage for one day rentals 150 Kms.

Available for two or more days of rental. One day rentals have a limited mileage of 150 km. An extra charge applies for each additional km, depending on the car category.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance additional service.

All contracts will be automatically enrolled in the Emergency Roadside Assistance Program (ERA) at a surcharge of only $1,99 per day. Delivery of key services (lost or locked in car), jump starts and gas service in case you run out of gas will be provided at no cost. If customer prefers not to participate, they must decline participation upon rental and be responsible for any service fees in the event that customer requires any of the services listed above.

Flat tires are not covered by this service. Key replacement charge applies according to car category.
In case of mechanical failure assistance will be provided from 04:30 AM through 12:00 PM, seven days a week.

One way rentals

It is a rental starting in one office and ending in another.

It applies when customer pick ups the vehicle in one of our office and returned it in a different AmiGO office. This service is subject to availability and number of rental days (minimum 3 days of rental). A service charge may apply and you will be inform at time of booking.


AmiGO offers the following options:

AmiGO offers the following options:

  • Prepay the fuel: Purchase the fuel tank at time of rental and you can return it any level. No refund will be given for
    unused fuel.
  • We fuel: Return the car with the gas at any level. AmiGO will refuel for you and the price includes fuel cost and
    refueling service combined.
  • You fuel: You fuel prior to return. At return, make sure fuel is at the same level you started with to avoid extra fees.

Unused fuel will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Payment method

All credit cards accepted:

All credit cards accepted: AMEX, VISA, Master Card.

Cross border policy

AmiGO cars can not be driven outside the borders of Costa Rica.

AmiGO cars can not be driven outside the borders of Costa Rica. The car must be driven on authorized public roads. Driving in rivers, lagoons or beaches is considered a violation of the rental agreement and invalidates any coverage taken.

Early return

Return of the vehicle before the date confirmed in the rental agreement.

On early returns where the total rental days are reduced and rental agreement has been signed, a $50 penalty only applies when refunding the unused days. For refund request to be processed, analysis and approval of the case has to be done by AmiGO Rent a Car Costa Rica. The reasons AmiGO would consider justifiable to process a refund request are the following: medical/death emergencies or situations.
Each situation below lists the type of documentation needed to support it and the scope of the situation (who does it apply to?).
1. Medical emergency and/or health problems. Documentation requested: Epicrisis or official medical report or official medical tests/exams.
2. Death. Documentation requested: Death certificate.

1. Applies to family members with first degree of consanguinity.
2. Applies to Rental Agreement holder and people in the rental party.

Payment Policy

Period for payment of this website reservations.

Reservations made through this website will be charged 48 hours before the start of the rental period, for the amount of time and mileage and mandatory taxes.
Cancellations received within 48 hours before the rental period, are subject to payment for the amount of the rent (time and mileage and mandatory taxes), as well as the total rent will be charged (time and mileage and mandatory taxes) if the client does not show up at the time and date on which he made his reservation (no show).
This payment does not include any type of coverage which the client have to pay at the counter desk in the location where the vehicle will be received.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of reservations that have been confirmed and prepaid.

Requesting for cancellation of a reservation more than 48 hours in advance and it has been confirmed and prepaid on your credit card, there is a penalty of USD $ 50, in case of applying a reimbursment.
In case you do not show up for your reservation on the estimated date, or you cancel it within 48 hours no refund of money will apply.


Suggestions for safer travel.

The renter must comply with the following conditions:
1 - Driver cannot drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
2 - No smoking inside of the vehicle according to Law 9028.
3 - Take care of the vehicle, be aware of the fuel level, lubricants and general condition of the car.
4 - Comply with traffic laws and legal provisions.
5 - No cross border policy allowed.
6 - Valid and in force driver’s license and ID, vehicle’s documents and copy of the rental agreement.
7 - Be liable to pay sanctions imposed due to traffic law violations.
8 - No coverage applies when automobile is driven by an unauthorized driver by AmiGO Rent a Car.
9 - IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT OR DAMAGE: Do not move the vehicle from the site of the incident.
Call our AmiGO Rent a Car office immediately to report the accident or damage (2523-3232).
Request help by calling the traffic police or the ambulance (911). You must wait for the traffic police to issue the corresponding traffic ticket and for the insurance company inspector to issue the accident report. You have 5 business days to render your statement at the specified location stated in the traffic ticket.
If the accident or damage takes place at a rural area, the client must render the corresponding statement at the Judicial or Police authority closest to the accident site and submit all documentation provided (statement report) to our AmiGO office.
Try not to leave the car unattended and wait for assistance. Do not give the car keys to third parties or strangers.
Try to take photographs of the accident or damage whenever possible.
Do not allow unauthorized tow trucks to take the car. AmiGO will come to the site, and we will take care of the vehicle or inform you who will do it for Thrifty.
It is mandatory to submit the traffic ticket, corresponding statement and insurance company report to our offices.

In case of accident or damage, the customer must immediately notify our office and make a report regardless of the coverage taken in the rental agreement.
Non-submission of the corresponding paperwork invalidates the effectiveness of any coverage protection.

10 - No coverage applies when the main driver or the authorized driver(s) by AmiGO Rent a Car drives under the influence of alcohol, causing damages, injuries or death to him/herself or others.

No smoking policy

Free tobacco smoke environment. Law 9028.

Strictly no smoking inside vehicles, according to Law 9028 Environment free of tobacco smoke.

Traffic Tickets

No insurance coverage, of any kind, applies for traffic tickets.

In regards to traffic fines and in the specific case when the license plates are removed due to bad parking, client is responsible for all charges (administrative fee, penalties that apply and loss of use). The tickets should be reported at the end of the rental period. Otherwise, I accept the amount of the fine, interests and administrative fees of $30.00 for unreported fines and/or late payments to be charged.